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Download the Commonwealth Family Handbook for 2017-18

School Handbook:

School handbook information is included in the student agendas. 

To access all of the documents in the handbook, please follow 
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Commonwealth Public School Procedures and Policies


In order for you to be successful and benefit from all aspects of the curriculum, it is important that you attend school regularly and punctually. Unless you are ill, or there are special family circumstances which might prevent you from attending classes, you are expected to be present and punctual each day. If you are unable to attend, an explanation from your parent or guardian is required. This can be done by a written note, a telephone call, or a personal visit. If you are going to be late for a good reason, or if you must leave during the school day, (e.g. medical appointment), an explanation from your parent or guardian is requested in one of the ways mentioned above.

Students who are absent from class for any reason are expected to make a legitimate effort to quickly complete work assignments they may have missed. You are responsible for this. We suggest that you team with a friend in your class and help each other to keep informed.

Leaving School Property

In order to ensure your child’s safety, students are not permitted to leave school property without written parental permission. Any students leaving without such consent will face disciplinary consequences.

Use of Bus Privileges

Busing privileges are for regular bus students only. Other students are not permitted to ride the bus. Special transportation arrangements for before and after school, such as birthday parties, students working on projects together, etc., must be made outside of school hours and carried out by parents/guardians.

Fire Drills

During good weather, fire drills will be held to make sure we are sell prepared to evacuate the school should it be necessary. Your teacher will describe the exit route you are to take when the alarm sounds. You have been through many drills in the past and the ones we have are not different in what is expected of you.

1. At the alarm, stand quietly, awaiting directions from your teacher.

2. Proceed quietly with your class in single file along your designated exit route.

3. Outside, at your class location stand quietly awaiting instructions to re-enter school.

4. Return to the building with your class quietly and in single file.

Physical Education Classes

The physical education curriculum is designed to promote involvement, participation and physical fitness through a wide variety of sports-related activities. All students, regardless of ability, will participate in the regular physical education program to the extent that they are able. If, due to medical reasons, a student is unable to anticipate, a note from the student’s doctor is required. It is the responsibility of the student to dress appropriately for these classes - shorts, t-shirts and running shoes.

Field Trips

From time to time your teachers may arrange field trips for you. These trips will be directly related to your studies and will be an important part of the curriculum. There may be some cost associated with these trips. We will try to keep the costs as low as possible. There will be information and consent forms sent home for your parents to sign. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that this form is taken home, signed and returned to the school. Without this form, you may lose the right to attend the scheduled field trip.

Inclement Weather

Under normal weather conditions, students are expected to be outdoors during the usual times, such as before 9:00 am. On those occasions when the weather is miserable, heavy rain or severe cold for example, the students will be indoors throughout the day. Under conditions of extreme weather, buses to school may be cancelled for safety reasons, or very rarely, schools may be closed. In either of the latter cases, parents will be notified by public service announcements on local radio.

Personal and School Property

Students are requested not to carry large sums of money or items of personal value to school. Students should not bring electronic games or audio players of any kind to school. We shall not be held liable for loss or damage. We ask students to take special care of the materials, equipment and books provided by the school. Marking workbook covers and texts with anything other than what is requested by your teachers is unacceptable. It is the responsibility of every student to replace lost, damaged or defaced books and learning materials. Because they are used by the entire student body, it is necessary that library books or resource materials are returned on time and in excellent condition.

We are proud of our school and we all share the responsibility for its maintenance. Naturally, all forms of vandalism are unacceptable. Taking pride in our school by using it responsibly and with a sense of ownership will ensure that it continues to be clean and attractive.

Bicycles, Skateboards

Bicycles may be brought to the school. However, they are the sole responsibility of the owner. To avoid any accidents, bicycles are not to be ridden on school property; they are to be walked to the bike racks and secured with a lock. Current laws make it necessary for students riding their bikes to Commonwealth to wear helmets.

Skateboards and in-line skates are not to be brought to school. 

Dress Code 

At Commonwealth Public School, we ask our students, especially those in the upper grades to dress for the workplace.

A reminder to students and parents of the school dress code:

No halter tops

No muscle shirts

No open-back shirts

Shorts-mid thigh length

No bare midriffs

Spaghetti strap tank tops only with cover up/shirt over top

All students should wear a hat outside to protect from the sun

Hats/headgear must be removed upon entering the building

Flip flops/sandals are inappropriate for gym; proper running shoes are required

Absolutely NO bare feet in the school or on the yard

Wheeled running shoes are not permitted on school property

Sun screen is recommended as protector from the sun

Parents should be aware that students will be sent home for inappropriate dress at school or on school related activities.

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